Relationships are Built to Last

NCA Financial Team Planning

At NCA Financial Planners, we believe in a team approach to wealth management and financial planning.  using this method, NCA has been able to help its clients achieve their goals for more than 30 years.  Our financial planning team members bring expertise in investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, 401(k) rollover and more.

Kevin's Planning Team

Back Row: Elizabeth Scheiderer, Kevin Myeroff, Jasmina Tadic, David Kurtz
Front Row: Erika Voltmann, Karey Edwards, Melanie Ross, Bob Casarona

Carole's Planning Team

L to R: Barbara Harris, Carole Weinberg, Ashley Costello

Not pictured: Angela Thorn

Dennis' Planning Team

L to R: Amanda Brunnett, Dennis Lehman, Erin Donahue

Mary's Planning Team

L to R:  Amy Smith, Mary Durra

Michael's Planning Team

L to R:  Michael Wasylyshyn, Marija Udovicic