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NCA Financial Planners Joins Sequoia Financial Group 

We are pleased to announce that NCA is joining forces with Sequoia Financial Group, an Akron, OH based financial planning and asset management firm.

Through our integration with Sequoia, combining our organizations creates a deep bench of expertise in both financial planning and asset management. The resulting scale and breadth of service capabilities will allow us to enhance our top-tier client experience and deliver innovative financial solutions.  

To learn more visit: www.sequoia-financial.com/nca

Even the smallest choice has the power to significantly

change your life.

image of a lighthouse

What might you do next?

  • Shift your priorities, or your perspective
  • Go somewhere new, or return to what matters
  • Take stock—and give yourself a chance to do what you always wanted

It doesn't start with an asset; it starts with a partnership—and a plan.

Image for clear vision

If you’re like many of our clients, you look to the future with a mixed bag of excitement—and concern.

What will you need? What should you expect? What can you do right now?

While there’s no one dollar amount that equals security or happiness, there is a way to turn your goals and lifestyle into a plan that helps increase your overall confidence as an investor.

The math is what makes it work, not what makes it matter. That’s up to you.

So what are your goals? What would a happy future look like to you? We’d love to learn.

Tell us everything.

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