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Our Approach

Here’s some insight into how we think.

It’s not your job to “beat” the markets. (It’s not ours, either.)

Anyone who tells you that beating the market is the goal of investing is, in all likelihood, not playing the same game you are. This advice doesn’t work for most people (including us).

There are better ways to spend your time than timing the market. We’d rather focus on achieving the real wins, the ones that affect your daily life and your loved ones tomorrow and decades from now.

You can’t take advantage of opportunities you can’t see.

The financial services industry has gotten a bad rap for being jargon-heavy. We don’t feel the need to confuse you to make us feel smart (and we’d advise against hanging out with anyone who does).

We see our service to you as a corrective lens, sharpening and articulating the landscape of choices so that you can decide where you might want to go next—and the best way to get there.

Good planning makes for better partnerships.

Nothing will upend a relationship like fighting over money. But there’s a difference between fighting and having a hard but meaningful conversation. We do the math for you so that you can see what options you have—and decide what is or isn’t worth doing.

Do we play tiebreaker? Sometimes, yes. But our real goal is to give you the tools to make decisions you and your partner can both go to bed happy about.

“In 1976 I worked after school at a newsstand in Sydney, standing in for the owner occasionally. Then, he started leaving me alone for longer periods. Soon, he began paying me. I felt a sense of responsibility, that I had something to do with the success of his business. Playing a role in creating something of value for someone else? That’s something I never forgot.”

Les Globits, Chief Investment Officer

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